Month: April 2014

Snippet: Anglican Mainstream » Blog Archive » Doctors who oppose morning-after pill on conscience grounds…

Link shared on facebook on Apr 30, 2014 Tasmania is not unique in its willingness to establish a religious adherence when it comes to the practice of medicine. “This is a form of unjust discrimination against professionals on the basis

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Snippet: Josie Cunningham abortion: I felt baby kick and couldn’t go through with it

Link shared on facebook on Apr 29, 2014 “…when you see an elbow or a foot moving across your bump that’s something else. It was more powerful than anything the trolls said to me.” Yep, a lesson in persuasion… Josie

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Snippet: On Facebook – Apr 29 2014

Link shared on facebook on Apr 29, 2014 Abject cruelty as a means to an end. This should not be who we are. Download Video LINK MUST WATCH: An ex-Navy officer and former G4S guard reveals the truth of Manus

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Sitting still, is hard it seems, When no one’s sure what stillness means To rest, its true, requires great skill To still the mind, and quiet the will To rest requires great discipline A strength, I’ve yet, to enter in

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