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    1. Q&A: How does the church move away from the “singing group leader” = “worship leader” model?
    2. Q&A: On current political and ethical issues, why do we not hear God in the same way?
    3. Q&A: How do you distinguish between your feelings and what God is saying?
    4. Q&A: How do we hold both conviction and humility?
    5. Q&A: What’s your take on spiritual attack, Satan, demons, and all that kind of stuff?
    6. Q&A: Are prophets today like those in the OT? How do we weigh prophecy?
    7. Q&A: Can we ignore the pagan background of Lent and its other difficulties?
    8. Q&A: How would you unpack the Bible step by step to show God’s big picture, that grace is a free, unmerited gift?
    9. Q&A: Does a desire for forgiveness mean faith?
    10. Q&A: What is the significance of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel?
    11. Q&A: Do we neglect the doctrine of hell?
    12. Q&A: How should I understand (theophanies and) christophanies?
    13. Q&A: How can we cultivate a ‘space’ for God to move?
    14. Q&A: How can we best share the good news with friends who are indifferent due to self-reliance?
    15. Q&A: What does it mean to be co-heirs with Christ?
    16. Q&A: How do we bring about cultural change in our churches?
    17. Q&A: Should we pray for blessings for unbelievers?
    18. Q&A: What do we learn from the use of “saying” and “breathing” to describe creation in Genesis 1 and 2?
    19. Q&A: Do you believe in Soul Sleep after death?
    20. Q&A: Should we make more of Baptism in the Holy Spirit?
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