Month: December 2010

Q&A: Imagine you are Atheist, and cannot believe in God no matter how much you want to, what would you live for?

Asked by Anonymous. The hypothetical in your question suggests some form of internal disconnect between wanting to believe and not being able to believe.  I would like to think I would live for a true resolution of that disconnect –

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Q&A: What is your current reason for living?

Asked by Anonymous. Thanks for the question.  There will be a more complete answer when I write about the recent season of my life soon. But the simple and quick answer is this: worship.  My reason for living is to

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Q&A: In Heaven, those who endured bad things on Earth are comforted… implying we’ll remember what we’ll be comforted for. Can you add your opinion to this?

Anonymous asks this question and references Luke 16:25. I don’t have much to add to the implication.  The comfort of heaven doesn’t seem to be a matter of controversy.  Neither do I think it’s controversial to draw the implication that

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