Month: April 2009

All You Need is Grace

If you haven’t heard/watched it, do. Piper on 2 Tim 1:1-12 at Gospel Coalition National Conference in Chicago. has audio and video links. (Trying to find link to non-flash video but perhaps it doesn’t exist).

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Review: Why We’re Not Emergent

With regards to the church of God on this planet we are in an era, like many others beforehand, where the up-and-coming generations of leaders are wrestling with age-old questions of “What is church?” It is not a self-serving question

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Leadership Loneliness

Insightful post at the Resurgence: Almost every lead pastor I know deals significantly with loneliness. I think the struggle is even more difficult for church planters… Church planters and pastors must make biblical, life-giving community a real priority. Proverbs 18:1

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