And we’re back…

After a brief hiatus the Journeyman Blog is back.

There’s a number of reasons why I took the blog down, some of which I’ll be talking about over the next little while.  Suffice to say, it needed a reboot.

It needed a reboot in terms of look and feel and operation.  You’ll notice there’s a lot of differences.  And please bear with me while I iron out the kinks.

But above all it needed a reboot in terms of content.  I was not happy with some of the directions it was going in: reactive rather than initiative, quick and shallow rather than being thoughtful and deep.  Now my family and I are in the midst of a transition season, the shape of which is uncertain.  Shaking off the detritus, this will be a place to think through the explorations and discoveries that are a necessary part of that.

You will notice, therefore, that a lot of the old content is gone.  It’s not absolutely gone.  I have an implemented a means of “expiring content” – which means while it won’t be available through the ordinary archive or search mechanisms.  But if you still have the original link to old content it will work; I don’t like to break the internet. All old content now comes with a caveat: this is a blog, my life has moved on, and my thoughts may have as well.

Thank you reading, and being an audience to a journey.  Feel free to share the sights and the sites with me and join me along the way for a bit.




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