Ould News

I was very sad to see the following news on Peter Ould’s blog:

In a little over four weeks time, when the World Cup Competition has finished, I’ll be shutting down this website and pretty much withdrawing from any ministry outside of my parish in Canterbury…

It’s not that I don’t want to do the things that I’ve been doing, it’s just that I am no longer capable of resourcing them to the degree that they deserve (and that, frankly, I deserve).

This is it then folks. We’ll do some death and see what God resurrects (if anything). But for now, without any of the above changing, in a month’s time I’ll be out of here.

I totally understand Peter’s reasons for this of course.  Blogging is a fraught business, a combination of analytical thought, personal reflection, and public soul-baring.  Few people do it well (myself included amongst the many).  Peter is one of the few, and from all accounts he has done it sacrificially.

Union Flag Upside DownI first came across Peter’s writings when I first starting blogging in response to the 2008 Lambeth Conference.  His voice – emotionally honest, precisely articulated, fundamentally orthodox, post-gay, and of his generation – has been (and I hope will continue to be in some form) an invaluable resource for us all.

Here’s hoping that something new will rise up, because it will be a terrible terrible shame to have Peter’s voice muffled.


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