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Review: Dirty Glory

Hey @PeteGreig. You don’t know me, but I just blubbed my way through Dirty Glory. Fanned fire from both living flames and dormant embers. Holy mess. Not sure whether to say “thank you” nicely or wryly :-/. “For the sake

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Q&A: How can we cultivate a ‘space’ for God to move?

Anonymous asks: In your experience, how can we cultivate a ‘space’ for God to move in a way that is natural & supernatural, expected & unexpected? How do we do this in different contexts? Church, work, school, family, relationships etc?

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Review: Prayer – Finding the Heart’s True Home

Richard Foster’s Prayer is a classic of the early ’90s but I’m glad that I have only just recently read it. I don’t think I would have truly understood it, or been impacted by it, if I had come to it before

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Q&A: Should we pray for blessings for unbelievers?

Sarah A writes: Hi Will, Should we as individuals or churches offer prayer for unbelievers for God to intervene in day to day challenges or bring his blessings on a situation? I completely appreciate that the motivation to offer this is

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Review: The Grace Outpouring

This book comes from Welsh retreat centre Ffald-y-brenin, but that place, and author, Roy Godwin, are not the point.  Here’s something from the book, in Roy’s words, that gets to the heart of the real issue for me: A number of years

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Can England be Loved?

I have learned that the Scottish love Scotland. And the Welsh love Wales.  But do the English love England? As I’ve shared this observation with my English friends, and as it becomes clear what the final question is going to be, before I

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Q&A: Does the Anglican Church believe that praying to Saints is OK?

Anonymous asks: does the anglican church believe rhat praying to saints is okay, because i seem to get rather contradictory answers…. No we don’t.  One of our defining formularies is the 39 Articles and Article 22 states: The Romish Doctrine

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