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Priscilla & Aquila Today? – Supporting Side-by-side Leadership

In the early 50’s AD, the apostle Paul travelled from Athens to the city of Corinth and commenced his ministry there. As he arrived, Acts 18 records one of those divine appointment moments. …Paul left Athens and went to Corinth.

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Marriage Anthem

My wife and I recently celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Which is cool and fantastic. And then today she found this video. It says it all. Perfectly. Absolutely freaking perfectly.

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Struggles in Christian Leadership

Eye-opening and thought-provoking article at Acts 29 on “Why every leader needs a shepherd”.  An excerpt  here, but read it in full for some challenging statistics. Pastors deal with an array of emotions as a result of ministering to a

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I had this piece emailed to me today by a member of my leadership team. Bill Wilson posts “7 Things Your Pastor Wishes You Knew, But Is Afraid To Tell You” It’s not their fault, but your minister didn’t learn

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