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Side-by-side in the Minefields

In the light of yesterday’s post it seemed appropriate to repost this video: Gill discovered this song on our 15th anniversary.  We were 19 and 21 the year we got engaged… We’re hoping to see Andrew performing in the UK later

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Review: 30 Second Book Reviews

Some books I’ve read while I’ve been off-air, in 30 seconds each: The Warden & The Wolf King (Andrew Peterson).  The last book in the absolutely fabulous Wingfeather Saga.  A tale full of adventure through both fantastical lands and through

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Review: The Wingfeather Saga – Books 1 and 2

I’ve started reading the Wingfeather Saga series of books by Andrew Peterson.  They are excellent.  The first two books are On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and North! Or Be Eaten and the third The Monster in

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Hope in the Night

I came across Andrew Peterson a little while ago and recently downloaded his album “Counting Stars.”  Peterson is a wordsmith and it shows in his songs.  Their strength is their lyrics.  I have found them to be extremely useful in

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Marriage Anthem

My wife and I recently celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Which is cool and fantastic. And then today she found this video. It says it all. Perfectly. Absolutely freaking perfectly.

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