Category: Ministry and Depression

Considerations of Christian and church ministry and associated depression and mental illness.

Review: Wasteland? – Encountering God in the Desert

I’d never really heard of Mike Pilavachi before coming to the UK. I’d vaguely heard of Soul Survivor and, to be honest, was a little sceptical, suspecting just another super-spiritual-guru-man-caricature hyping it up. Instead, I have found in my experiences over

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Review: The Land Between – Finding God in Difficult Transitions

I’m writing this seated under a large sycamore tree in an English country churchyard, surrounded by lush green fields, waving crops, and comfortable houses.  In my time I have had quiet times in many places like this, under random trees,

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On Drooping and Tottering

Just a short reflection from one of those mornings when God seems distant and despondency seems close.  I have learned over the years that such moments are cues to run towards Jesus, no matter how much you don’t feel like doing

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Snippet: Why Do So Many Pastors Leave the Ministry? The Facts Will Shock You

Link shared on facebook on Jan 30, 2014 Makes you think…. Mind you, there are plenty of pros to go with the cons of this enigmatic, strange, unpredictable job! Why Do So Many Pastors Leave the Ministry? The Facts Will

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Snippet: Emotional ‘sins’ of highly driven people | Christian Reflections | Blogs | Geneva Push

Link shared on facebook on Sep 17, 2013 Yep. Emotional ‘sins’ of highly driven people | Christian Reflections | Blogs | Geneva Push Geneva Push is an Australian church planting network equipping a new generation of church planters with

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R U OK? I wasn’t.

Today is R U OK? Day.  We’ve all seen the ads with Hugh Jackman.  The concept is simple – take a moment to look your friend or co-worker in the eye and ask them “Are you OK?”  It may not

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Follow Friday

My friend Sally Oakley has started a blog at She writes A bit of a working title. It’s an idea James and I have had, to write (perhaps together?) about our experiences of depression. It sounds depressing, I know,

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Responsibility and Grace

There are a number of causes that lie behind ministers and pastors burning out, hitting the wall, breaking down, or generally flaming (or shaming) out. Underlying these causes are issues of human frailty, sin, insecurity and depravity. A significant example

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Q&A: What is your current reason for living?

Asked by Anonymous. Thanks for the question.  There will be a more complete answer when I write about the recent season of my life soon. But the simple and quick answer is this: worship.  My reason for living is to

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Complex Martyr Complex

A thought-provoking article from Acts 29 by John Bryson entitled “Learning to be Miserable.” Here’s an excerpt: “Don’t be a whiner, quitter, or baby and quit pouting or being surprised about “how hard” it is to do what you are

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