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Review: The Day of Small Things – An Analysis of Fresh Expressions of Church…

If there was any sense in which we were once starry-eyed about the Church of England it had something to do with what we now call “fresh expressions of Church.” Gill and I were church planters once, inspired by the

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Pioneering Mission and Authoritative Dissent

It’s always great to get in conversation with stimulating people who understand the dynamics of mission in the church and all that’s in play and at stake when pioneering is needed.  One of the things that happens is that words

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Unity, Diversity, and Conflict

I’ve adapted this from a talk I gave a number of years ago in my church-planting days.  These were the heady days of the “mixed economy church” and, as a young gung-ho missional fresh-expressioner, I was asked to talk about

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Review: Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide

I’ve finally read this book.  Those who know me will wonder why.  After all for many years I was the leader or a church plant that had the hallmarks of the “Missional Community” brand.  But at that time I hadn’t

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Review: One Church, Many Congregations

One Church, Many Congregations is a fascinating little book. Written from an American Baptist context it explores what the authors call the “Key Church Strategy.” While the book is very closely tied to this strategy and occasionally assumes some familiarity

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Review: Parochial Vision

I had heard off Nick Spencer’s Parochial Vision because it has come up as an input into the strategic plan for the Diocese of Tasmania. One of the aspects of the plan is the exploration of a so-called “Hub” model

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Leadership Loneliness

Insightful post at the Resurgence: Almost every lead pastor I know deals significantly with loneliness. I think the struggle is even more difficult for church planters… Church planters and pastors must make biblical, life-giving community a real priority. Proverbs 18:1

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