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Mercy in the Watches of the Night

Why haven’t I come across this song before? It’s from 2006. But what simple, eloquent, words of falling at the feet of the Father. His characteristics personified. Majesty and grace, holiness and mercy. Tears. Am I unfit for You Remember

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Review: Dirty Glory

Hey @PeteGreig. You don’t know me, but I just blubbed my way through Dirty Glory. Fanned fire from both living flames and dormant embers. Holy mess. Not sure whether to say “thank you” nicely or wryly :-/. “For the sake

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Q&A: How would you unpack the Bible step by step to show God’s big picture, that grace is a free, unmerited gift?

Sarah asks: Hi Will, My Mormon friends believe that they are saved by grace after all that they can do. One of their former presidents said: “One of the most fallacious doctrines originated by Satan and propounded by man is

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Review: Into the Silent Land – The Practice of Contemplation

I have recently been engaging with the more contemplative side of Christian spirituality. It hasn’t been a mere academic exercise. My current circumstance demands I reflect on all matter of things regarding life, and church, and the ways of the

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Naturally Supernatural: Contemplative and Charismatic

I have just returned from the Naturally Supernatural Winter conference, held and hosted by Soul Survivor Church Watford. The form and substance of it would be familiar to anyone who has attended any of the Soul Survivor youth festivals in

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Q&A: Does a desire for forgiveness mean faith?

Anonymous asks: If someone claims to be without faith, yet morally knows they have done something “wrong” due to our God given in built moral compass (even if said person chooses to not believe that God gave them the compass) and

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Q&A: What is the significance of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel?

Anonymous asks: My question is the significance of Jerusalem being made capital again. My reaction is yay, hallelujah!! In Nehemiah 2 an Arab was amongst those ridiculing Nehemiah m helpers n in b 20 saying they have no right to any

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Q&A: Do we neglect the doctrine of hell?

Sarah asks: Hi Will, Do we neglect the doctrine of hell? I recently read Jonathan Edwards’ “sinners in the hands of an angry God” and my reaction was: To marvel at the magnitude of my rescue; To be reminded of

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Q&A: How should I understand (theophanies and) christophanies?

Sarah asks: Hi Will, How should I understand Christophanies? I’ve been pondering Jesus appearing bodily in the Old Testament and his incarnation in the New Testament In the OT is he: God appearing in the form of a (sometimes glorified

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Q&A: How can we cultivate a ‘space’ for God to move?

Anonymous asks: In your experience, how can we cultivate a ‘space’ for God to move in a way that is natural & supernatural, expected & unexpected? How do we do this in different contexts? Church, work, school, family, relationships etc?

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