Month: September 2016

Disagreeing with a Judgemental World

The touchstone of contemporary apologetics is not rationality (“Is belief in God logical?”) but ethics (“Is belief in God morally wrong?”) Often, a religious person is portrayed as a caricature:  It is supposed that belief in God involves submission to absolutist and outdated moral

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Review: Inventing the Individual – The Origins of Western Liberalism

Cultural assumptions have historical roots.  It is incumbent upon anyone who takes part in public debate or social engagement to explore them.  In the current moment there is a growing appreciation that when it comes to the self-evident truths of

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A Parentless Church in the Orphaned West?

We have an ongoing task of considering the culture around us for the sake of the gospel.  We but do not act like the world.  Rather, we , which is not about our inner thought-life and has more to do

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Pioneering Mission and Authoritative Dissent

It’s always great to get in conversation with stimulating people who understand the dynamics of mission in the church and all that’s in play and at stake when pioneering is needed.  One of the things that happens is that words

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