Month: June 2014

Snippet: School chaplaincy funding struck down in High Court

Link shared on facebook on Jun 19, 2014 While this has been and is likely to be touted, invalidly, as a separation of church and state issue, it is not that. (NB. I don’t think anyone has been complaining about

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Ould News

I was very sad to see the following news on Peter Ould’s blog: In a little over four weeks time, when the World Cup Competition has finished, I’ll be shutting down this website and pretty much withdrawing from any ministry

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God in Three Persons! Blesséd Trinity!

I’m preaching on both Pentecost and Trinity Sundays over the next couple of weeks.  Time for me to brush up on my Trinitarian theology. It’s something I’ve had to do recently, having interacted with muslims in a multi-linguistic context (try

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