Month: May 2014

Moved About Asylum Seekers

The 2nd Session of the 52nd Synod of the Diocese of Tasmania met a week ago.  There was a motion in my name dealing with the issue of asylum seekers.  It went through formally without debate and so I thought

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Snippet: Affected by Gambling?

Link shared on facebook on May 27, 2014 Pokies are like reverse ATM machines, allowing people (many of whom are vulnerable), to “donate” cash to companies and to government revenues The amount of cash ($100’s of millions) being pulled out

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Review: Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide

I’ve finally read this book.  Those who know me will wonder why.  After all for many years I was the leader or a church plant that had the hallmarks of the “Missional Community” brand.  But at that time I hadn’t

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Q&A: Does God need us?

Anonymous asks: Does God need us? The short answer is, “No.” The long answer is, “It depends what you mean by ‘need.’” God does not need us ontologically, that is in order to be himself.  This is actually a key

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Snippet: Ministry Miscellany: I like striving for excellence. Stetzer says, beware.

Link shared on facebook on May 25, 2014 For the Stetzer quote: “I am going to go out on a limb and say that one of the biggest causes of a lack of authenticity in churches today is when a

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Snippet: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Why would a…

Link shared on facebook on May 15, 2014 It’s like a reverse Godwin’s Law or something…. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Alex Schadenberg, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition: Why would a… Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, a blog about euthanasia, assisted suicide, elder abuse, end-of-life

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Review: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

It’s a classic that I’ve not had the opportunity to read.  Others will be familiar with the Brazilian author, Paulo Freire, and will be able to do a better job than I in placing him in the social volatility and the fomenting

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Snippet: Amnesty branches vote down sex industry pro-prostitution agenda | Melinda Tankard Reist

Link shared on facebook on May 11, 2014 I had the opportunity to talk to one of the Amnesty Int. Australia officeholders who was here for the AGM. She waved off the controversy on prostitution as comparable to an earlier

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Snippet: Open Letter from PNG Governor

Link shared on facebook on May 6, 2014 Here is the best transcript I can find of the open letter written by the PNG Governor Powes Parkop to the PNG Foreign Minister and to the Australian High Commissioner in PNG.

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  Sometimes there is a darkness In the wind that blows each day. Small diseases of imperfections Buzzing mozzies of brokenness Limits, barriers, bumps in the road. Drives you crazy. But also, annoyingly, peace And promise And “get up and

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