Some Tasmanian Thinkers

Expired Content: I may no longer hold the views espoused in this post. As a matter of integrity this link remains alive, but time has passed and my thoughts on this subject may have developed significantly.

In the wake of my last post, a review of Tasmania: The Tipping Point?  I thought I’d post a couple of links to the online writings of a couple of Tasmanians that I appreciate greatly (besides my wife, of course, you should check out her blog also)

1) Erik Peacock –

I met Erik a number of years ago.  Not only is he entirely thoughtful, he is also radical enough to stride out purposefully in the direction his thoughts take him.  Both conservative Christian and environmental activist, he might be a conundrum to many, but a delight to me.  He spoke recently at the Friday Forum at the Cathedral on the radicalism of Christianity and environmentalism.  He has recently posted on the true meaning of wilderness, and a treatise against gay adoption.  Very much worth a read.

2) Megan Sayer –

I have known Megan for years also.  But it is only recently that I have come to know her as a wordsmith, a true bard who can encapsulate everyday events and distill the sweet nectar of meaning from them.  Megan has honoured me by allowing me to preview one of her more substantial works, a work that reached down the gullet and wrenched my sense of purpose and justice into gear while evoking currents of empathy in me.  I do hope it is published one day.  This is blogging at its best.


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