Anonymous asks: Can you explain Ezekiel 30:10-11 and how it was fullfilled? because from what i could find Nebucanezzar failed to conquer Egypt

I am not an OT scholar!  I would make the following points.

  1. The context of the passage is the exile of Judah.  The intransigent amongst them looked to Egypt for help.  This passages communicates that Egypt would not be a refuge from the Day of the Lord that was the exile.
  2. Nebuchadnezzar may not have entered the land of Egypt but his defeat of them up to and throughout the Negeb was the beginning of Egypt’s demise.  The Persians and Greek empires would complete Egypt’s reduction from super-power to provincial status.  I can see some prophetic “foreshortening” going on here.
  3. Poetic licence should not be easily discounted.  Just because Nebuchadnezzar did not personally defeat the Egyptians, his armies and those of his successors, as far as I understand, definitely did.

Those are my initial thoughts.  Feel free to push back in comments (not Q&A) below.