Month: March 2012

Q&A: Does God want the Gospel spread by deceit?

CraigC. asks: Does God want the Gospel spread by deceit? Is it is moral to collect donations on the basis of deceit? He has not promoted the Gospel but shamed it. God did not speak to Camping in any way

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Review: The Hunger Games Trilogy

When a new fad of fiction hits the popular mind I make a habit of engaging with it.  Twelve years ago I did it when Harry Potter arced up.  More recently I engaged with Twilight (where by “engage” I mean forcing

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Review: Baptism – Its Purpose, Practice and Power

This is one of those “an oldy but a goody” books.  It’s by Michael Green and was first published in 1987. I had a reason for reading it.  It was one of those awesome moments of messy missiology when gospel

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