Month: June 2011

Q&A: On Tongues and Languages

DaveO asks: Will, I’ve been aware for as long as I can remember the, quite stark really, difference between the “tongues” at Pentecost and what I would call the common contemporary understanding/experience. At Pentecost the apostles speak and are simultaneously

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Q&A: What is “Contribute to the needs of the saints”?

Anonymous asks: I heard or read this a while ago now, and made a note of it as I didn’t understand what it meant. It said “Contribute to the needs of the saints.” It was in some way in connection with things

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Bound for South Tasmania

Bishop John has announced that I am to be appointed as the new Senior Associate Priest of St David’s Cathedral and as his Research Assistant. He writes, “Please pray for Will and Gill and their children as they make their move from

Review: Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision

I remember when I first began studying at College.  We were taught exegesis of the Bible – applying literary and historical analysis, asking that all important question of “What did the text mean for the original hearers?”, and all that

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