A significant reply to Dr. Owuor

Expired Content: I may no longer hold the views espoused in this post. As a matter of integrity this link remains alive, but time has passed and my thoughts on this subject may have developed significantly.

The reference to this is found in a previous post of mine about an apparent prophecy by one Dr. Owuor concerning an imminent tsunami striking Tasmania.

It has been dismissed by many and dealt with theologically by some (I put myself in that category).  Amongst those who are part of the intercessor/prophetic community in Tasmania it has caused some angst and consternation.

The following is the content of an email has come from within that circle.  I think it’s honest, clear and right.

Thank you to all who prayed for the prayer meeting about Dr. Owuor’s prophecy. We were conscious of the prayers, and we believe the Lord answered them and spoke very clearly to us.

We believe it is important to forward on the results of this meeting, which was called on 12 March, 2011, at the YWAM base just outside of Sorrell, Tasmania. An invite went out to as many Christians as possible to attend.

We believe that the reason why Tasmanian Christians are concerned about this prophecy is because Dr. Owuor has prophesied various disasters in other parts of the world with great accuracy. According to his website and other related commentaries, this seems to be the case.

So naturally, a prophecy about Tasmania and the destruction of its northern shore is a grave concern to us Tasmanians. Dr. Owuor preaches a welcome gospel of repentance and personal holiness. Indeed, the Scriptures also warn us of earthquakes and other similar disasters in these Last Days.

We, as a group of Tasmanian Christians wanted to clearly hear the Spirit of God on the matter and not to settle for men’s opinions about the prophecy since the potential consequences of being mistaken could be disasterous. This is why the meeting was called.

The group consisted of believers from various Christian backgrounds. The group also consisted of those who supported the prophecy, those against the prophecy and those who were undecided.

After 2 hours of prayer and thoughtful discussion, there was still no clear sense that the Lord had spoken definitively to the group about the prophecy. Furthermore, everyone still remained in the same positions they held when they first came.

However, we as a group believed that God would speak clearly on the matter, so we purposed to wait on him further. When we did, the Lord began to speak to us.

As soon as the Spirit began to speak, it was immediately clear to everyone in the group that it was the Lord.

Though positions of for, against and undecided were held about the prophecy up until that point, within a matter of minutes after the Spirit began to speak, everyone was unanimously convinced that Dr. Owuor’s prophecy of a tsunami coming upon Tasmania because of the sin of the Australian church was NOT a prophecy from God.

Furthermore, after the Lord spoke, the peace of the Holy Spirit bore unanimous witness with everyone, and so we closed the meeting in prayer and thanksgiving.

The following is what came forth during those ten minutes where we felt God spoke to us:

In the Scriptures, Jonah was sent to Nineveh, despite his reluctance to warn the city. Jonah preached to the city and even to the hearing of the king, and all repented extraordinarily.

“‘By the decree of the king and his nobles: Do not let any man or beast, herd or flock, taste anything; do not let them eat or drink. But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth. Let everyone call urgently on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish. When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction he had threatened.” (Jonah 3:7-10)

In the Scriptures, when the Lord has something to say through his prophets, he always sends his prophets TO the people to prophesy to them. In rare cases where his prophets do not go directly to the people themselves, a letter or another person is sent on the prophet’s behalf to adequately get the message across. When God has something to say to a people, true prophets of God are very earnest and thorough to get God’s message to them.

In contrast to the Scriptures, Dr. Owuor has not visited Tasmania to testify to us about this, nor are we aware of any earnest or thorough attempts he has made to directly communicate this alarming prophecy to the church of Tasmania, especially its elders who oversee the flock, so that we may repent and be spared. Rather, Tasmanians seem to have stumbled across this prophecy more by happenstance instead of hearing it as a direct message from God preached to them by the prophet himself.

Incidently, Dr. Owuor also did not state in his video that the tsunami was coming because of the sin of the church (sending out a warning for us Christians to repent so that God may spare Tassie). Instead, this information was later communicated as a private reply to an inquiring email.

Furthermore, the true words of God are dynamic and have cutting-edge spiritual power to them. Whether they are Scriptures the Holy Spirit quickens to us or whether they are prophetic utterances spoken by the Holy Spirit through his people, the true mark of the Word of God is that it has dynamic spiritual power.

“For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” (Heb 4:12)

“‘Let the prophet who has a dream tell his dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?’ declares the LORD. ‘Is not my word like a fire,’ declares the LORD, ‘and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?'” (Jer 23:28-29)

If this prophetic word had truly been from God, it would have possessed this dynamic, cutting edge power, and its effects would have been apparent in the Tasmanian church. If a word from God brought the pagan Ninevites to repentance, how much moreso would the God-fearing in Tasmania have experienced the word cutting into their hearts, bringing conviction and repentance. Instead, this word has mostly brought confusion and fear–two things which the Holy Spirit does not bring to his people (1 Cor 14:33, 2 Tim 1:7)

Furthermore, it is not entirely the content of the prophetic message that is important but also the spirit through which it is given. A true prophetic message will be recognised by both its content and by the spirit (the Holy Spirit) through which it comes (1 John 4:1).

When Jesus rebukes some of the churches in Revelation 2-3, there is always commendation of the churches along with the rebuke (except for Laodicea). And with Laodicea, the Lord’s love is still evident for them despite the fact they are only rebuked and receive no commendation from him (Rev 3:19). The spirit of Jesus’ rebukes to the churches is one of love and of earnest desire for restoration. It is redemptive in purpose and not condemning.

Dr. Owuor’s prophecy seems to be condemning and threatening in spirit. The spirit in which it is given does not seem to be one of genuine love and desire for restoration back to Jesus. Regardless of whether or not the message, “the church is in sin”, is a true statement, the spirit which has rebuked the Tasmanian (Australian) church is different than the Spirit who rebuked the churches in Revelation. That spirit does not have the redemptive and restorative nature of the Holy Spirit. It seemed to be a spirit of judgment without much grace.

This is what we believe the Lord spoke to us during those ten minutes.

Upon closing, the group agreed there is still a great need for we, the church of Tasmania, to repent of our sins and to continue to persevere in intercession for the salvation and redemption of all the souls in Tasmania.

Lastly, the Scriptures concerning the Last Days do speak of earthquakes and famines in various places (Matthew 24:7-8), which are the beginning of the birth pains. Tasmania, like the rest of the world, is not exempt from this Scripture. We should expect to see an increase of these natural disasters, even in Tasmania, in accordance with our Lord Jesus’s own prophecies in the Scripture.

Thanks and praise be to our great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been faithful to hear and answer our prayers by speaking to us so clearly. We pray the Holy Spirit will personally speak to you also.

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 A significant reply to Dr. Owuor by Will Briggs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  • You’re on some interesting mailing lists!

    • You don’t know the half of it 🙂

      • can u dig up more info about this guy seems kinda suspicous 2 me

        • I know nothing except what came to me as described in the blog posts. Anything else would just be a google search – I’ll leave that up to you 🙂

          • well i found some fun facts about him on the internet!
            1. he claimed that the great lakes would overflow and wreck us and canada…. and claimed hurricane irene was the fullfillment of prophecy with the help of some sloppy editing on youtube vids
            2. claimed that effiel tower would collapse and 10 days after the japanese tsuami claimed it was actually towers in fukushima power plant that fell with the help of even more sloppy editing
            3. in 2004 claimed an earthquake would devaste the kenyan city of Nairobi…still waiting
            4.in 2007 claimed an earthquake would destory the university in Nairobi….there was a minor earthquake a few months later and he claimed his prophecy was fullfilled
            5.claimed an earthquake would destory sweden in2010… still waiting
            6.claimed an earthquake would destory germany in 2006…still waiting
            7.claimed that there was distress coming to UK… and claimed the norway attacks by that crazy gun guy was the fullfillment of that propehcy
            8.claimed a MAJOR earthquake was coming to the west……a few hours after that there was a 5.6 earthquake in virgina, claimed he was right
            9.claimed the 4th horseman of the aplocapse was unleashed in egypt… actually that was just a camera smudge
            10. A major tsuami was coming to an asian communist country he says….no asian communist country exists in a major tsuami zone
            11.he is called my lord by his followers
            12. in 2009 , at least 13 ppls died at or returing from his healng crusades
            13.he lives like a king
            14.he makes ppls bow down at him and confess their sins to him
            15.is really mean to his follwers
            16. has a whole bunch of bodyguards (i thoguht prophets were protected by God!)
            16.his own marching band
            17.the kenya govt give him money

    • 😀

  • Neema

    Greetings in Jesus name,

    My sister is married to a man who attends Owuor’s fellowship. The man is cold, because when their one day old baby boy died at the mother’s breast, he made little attempt to save the child’s life. I was grieved. He just accepted this as god’s will. How could that be?`Since then we have warned them to leave that church, but its like they are caught there.

    A woman of God came to visit me from Kenya. She told me that the image God gave her as she prayed for a revelation of Dr. Owuor was that of a huge snake with a beard, swallowing other smaller snakes. She was praying because she wanted to be involved in preparing an evangelistic crusade for the man.

    In Jesus name, please pray that the truth be revealed.
    In Christ

    • adzde

      can you provide more details about this guy…. he even claims that he grew back someones toe once!

      • As per reply above, I don’t know anything beyond what google would tell me.

        • well either way there’s something suspicious about this dr.owuor guy that i do not like

      • jonathan mugele

        who told you that?

  • Michael Troy Hansen

    Thank you so much for posting what you have. I was suspicious but guarded and held judgment on the matter till I had more information. Back in the early 90’s when the Toronto Blessing was going strong, the Lord had me observe many things. Non of it good. He was teaching me I can see now. I realize now that the check in my spirit is the Voice of the Lord. Interestingly enough it is the smallest voice I hear. I tend to think it is just me and unbelief all the time. Anyhow I just came across this guy a short time ago. The check said same spirit. I was disappointed, because I want to see a true man of God moving in the Spirit. It is the same spirit that blew our little church in MN apart, made a friend go clinically insane, pass by wheel chair bound people in meetings (I confronted that one) and so on. I would go to various meetings with Rodney Howard Brown or even Benny Hinn mostly to observe. I would see the same people at all of these go up front for healing every time for the same issues. The Lord finally asked me “is that the way I heal?” I said “no when you heal it is complete.” One of my professors at the time thought all the Toronto crap was praying demonics into people. I agree with him, He was a very balanced man that holds at least 2 doctorates.

    For what it is worth.

  • roy

    If Jesus was doubted by thomas even after 3 years of being with him, who is Dr, Owuor not to be doubted even after HIV/Aids being healed and confirmed by the highest level of testing in the world? Let all these doubting thomases tell me what they have ever done for Jesus if not walking in fear of deception, malice, corwardice etc.

    If you want to know whether one is from God, the simplest way is to ask yourself this question: Has and will Satan ever send a man to tell people to turn away from sexual sin, witchcraft, idolatry, islam etc in Jesus Name. Even Jesus said: A deivided house cannot stand. Satan cannot fight satan.

    • How did u know they were actually healed and he didnt just bribe the doctors, from what Neema had said it sounds like something he would probably do! As well i have heard on the interwebs that many peoples died in his miracle revivals and he claimed to have helped a child regrow his pupils and cured his blindness but another person whom he supossely cured blindness still had lacked a pupil! And look at the way he lives and dresses, finally he said that there would be an earthquake that will destroy the captial of Kenya in 2005 but in 2007 a small one just shook but didnt destory anything….. and he claimed that was the fulfillment of his prophecy!

    • Ashwin S

      Dear Roy,

      The bible clearly teaches that the first and foremost indication that a man is from God in the New Testament is that he preaches the Gospel.Even if an angel were to come and preach some other gospel, we are not to believe.This guy seems to be preaching some kind of Gnostic stuff.Pls hear his teaching in the below You tube link titled ‘Gospel of the light’.
      His basic message is that Jesus of Nazareth restored truth to the world and that this truth eliminates deception by which people are saved.
      God have mercy on all of us…….. These are truly the end times and al the worms are coming out of wherever they were hiding…. We need to treasure the Gospel in these times ….

  • dave

    really, this man is a man of God. i know him for long from far. i never went to his church. i know onething, this man is man of God. i cannot warn anyone. but becareful and assess this man. prophet cannot happen sometimes when God change the situation. please donot assess man OF GODS like this. regardless of what you think, or say, this man left his medical doctor job NOT FOR NOTHING. he is serving God! please ask your self why , what and so on,, because i know this man life for more than 25 years . he donot know me. i know that this man is man of God! thankyou!

    • but if God changed the situation wont it meant he had lied…and what of that list of failed prophecies

      • and wait isnt remote viewing considered satanic……

      • fred

        I just want u know that there are even some Biblical prophecies waiting to be fulfilled so pls stop judging by site. I also realize that you are so biased on the comments you’ve posted about the Mighty End Time Prophet of the Lord. I wonder why your focus on things you feel are negative. Why a u not talking about the many proven healings the Lord has used him to do.Lastly let me ask u this question Can a sinner command heaven to open and bring forth rain and it obey in a bright sunny day?

        • well i honestly don’t why i keep coming back but this is a most amusing discussion to say the least…
          but this guy has a whole list of failed prophecies, and if he is really a prophet why cant he take the 1 million dollar james randi challenge? this man will give a million dollars to anyone who can prove that they have supernatural powers…or that god created the world in 6 days 6000 years ago

    • one more thing- when Jesus heals people he told them to tell noone..this guy boasts about thi stuff all the time-even makes u tube vids about it, even calls them mighty healings and mighty prophecies…doesnt should very christ like doesnt it, he is obisuosly exalting him self when he does this like that not God

    • hay huh Will is it do u know whats this guy trying to say….

      • i mean the guy whose name is dave

      • Not sure. My policy is to approve any comment that isn’t spam. Dave seems to be giving his imprimatur to Dr. Owuor but provides no evidence or any new information.

        • but how does he know dr.owuor for 25 years yet owuor does not know him …..i dont get it………..honest to God….penetcostals scare me…honest to God….i really dont like pentecostals

    • jonathan mugele


  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    May the Lord bless you and open your heart to understand this letter. May He bring your heart to understand that the days are evil and His coming is near. May God show you that every man action, thought, deeds, plans will be judged and show you just like He showed me that if you don’t repent, you will be judged with the people of the world.

    May He bring the fear of God in your heart just like He brought to mine. May He bring you to the fire and test your heart so that you could be refined as silver and tried as gold so that He may bring out of you a pure heart that the Lord says Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

    And may He show you that without holiness no one will see the Lord and just like He showed me that as a disciple of Christ we must walk in the Spirit, for He can only be worshiped in truth and in Spirit.

    May He grant you wisdom to understand that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom that we all seek and that if you fear the Lord you will always endure to obey His commands and depart from evil for His commands are not burdensome.

    May He show you that what is happening and you are seeing in the television are just birth pains to a greater judgement that is coming for the evil of the world is great that has reached up to heavens and as Jesus said that before His coming the days will be as bad as the days of flood and Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Oh that He may open your eyes to see what is happening and give you a repentant heart that cries clothe my shame Lord, clothe my nakedness Lord, anoint my eyes that i may see and purify my heart that i may be refined as silver and tried as gold.

    That He may open your eyes to see that these things of the world will pass, and help you remove these desires of the world that you may only see Him and not the world.

    Oh May He work in your heart and remove everything that may become a barrier to His way and if possible even deny you the things of the world if they would keep you from seeing Him.

    Brothers and Sisters this letter is a letter of love and May He grant you wisdom to see this.

    Thank you

    Brother in Christ

    • sorry but you do realize that the rapture was basically invented in 1830 right…….and if the rapture was to happen it would mean that Jesus returns 3 times, and i not read a third coming of Jesus in the bible and as well perfect love casts out all fear ,this man is a big old fear monger and he is also very legalistic, living in holiness……please …..just away to contol the lives of his followers… and answer this question….if your have to live in holiness to get raptured then what if u had one sinful thought before you got hit by a truck and died and got a chance to repent


    Blessed be the name of our LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,and the Person of the HOLY SPIRIT that brought us JESUS.Montel and the likeminded, I would really want to know the kind of life you lead (Is it compromise with sin or absolute righteousness)and I want to say that for sure you must be leading a totally different life from what Dr Owour is living ,a testimony that you are indeed serving a different spirit from Dr.Owour.Who is right?! Since when, did the devil preach righteousness(Jesus) ,Repentance(The Blood of Jesus) ,Zero tolerance to sin and preparing in Holiness for the coming of the Messiah, rebuking sexual sin and the love of money in the church with much emphasis and authority. Out of the abundance of the Heart the mouth Speaketh! Where are you?! What is wrong! .Remember this is to a generation that loves and worships money even to the Altar of Jehovah! How painful will it be, to find out finally that you misled many to the kingdom of hell using such an avenue (irrepairable). To all ,whether you believe Dr Owour or not ,you just prepare in absolute Holiness and Righteousness for the coming Messiah,avoid preoccupying yourselves with what may cost you your Eternity, you cannot afford to gaze,come to think of it, there will be no a second chance,the church is taken forever.OH,GOD PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PEOPLE! (its clear Matt 24,1 Thessalonians 4,5 Revelation 19)

    • every generation loves money! and I think the Pentecostals did quite a bit of a number on Africa…. look at how supersitous you made its people! also you do realize that the devil is smart hes not gonna just say oh you guys can sin all you want…what owuor is doing is leading you down the trap of legalism and I thought only god was absolutely righteous,and holy,so if humans tried to do that wouldn’t they just fall into the trap of legalism, also a real prophet can only exist in the eastern Orthodox church! If not LET HIM BE ANATHEMA and since Owuor seems to be a pentecostal….HE IS ANATHEMA

  • Lerato Diseko

    Be careful my brother of what is coming out of your mouth,Dr Owour is the Prophet of the Lord it’s up to you whether you believe or not.If you have something against Dr Owour please keep it to yourself but do not mislead the ignorant people of God for you will be accoutable on the day of judgement.God Almighty is holy so for us to enter in His kingdom we need to be holy.God does not entertain sexual immorality, unforgiveness,false prophets,proud people,idol worshippers etc in His house ,remember He is a jealous God.This is a very critical time in the church of Christ beware of deception,the devil is roaring like a lion looking for whom to devour.The word of God says during this time ,people will have eyes but they won’t see,they will have ears but they won’t hear, prepare the way in Repentence and holiness for Messiah is coming for a glorious ,stainless and blemishless church.shalom

    • What of freedom of speech we have the right to say what we think its wrong no…. and i will say this AGAIN the rapture is a messed up lie invented by JN Darby in 1830….also Jesus said immedietly AFTER the triblation Jesus returns for his elect! gospel according to saint-Matthew (24:29-31)

      • and false prophets…idol worshipers…well you are turning false prophet dr.owuor into an idol…so yeah…

  • Kimani Erick

    Does the bible tell us that Jesus was Escorted by Roman soldiers and In Luxury chariots? Was Jesus under the roman empire’s payroll? was Jesus Advertising his miracles? was Jesus predicting insignificant things like solar eclipses? Did Jesus have a marching band with ceremonial attire? Do you realy think that Jesus wore white shoes, robes etc in order to STAND out from the crowd?
    was Jesus Practicing “Slain in the spirit” nonsense? who else except Jesus is Called LORD?
    You have just unearthed the Greatest False Prophet of our time! Owuor’s “repentance” is just a catch phrase, superbly designed to confuse and capture those who refuse to ask for the gift of discernment/read the word for themselves..I hear them everyday..Claiming that we should only hear the message and not crucify the messenger..But Jesus said it himself, You cannot pick grapes from thorn trees ..you will know them by their deeds.You cannot continue practicing sin and still be the bearer of God’s word!
    Fellow xtians.. You really believe that a false prophet will openly tell you to sin or commit adultery or kill? wont he come in the name of “Jesus” and preaching “repentance and holiness” just as the bible says? Saints..you openly refuse to ask the holy spirit for the gift of discernment, or do you think he can decline? how then will you know them?
    The spirit of delusion has been sent by God to those who are perishing because they refused to know the truth, and by it be saved

  • Victor

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!we are living in the days of the second coming of Jesus,all the signs point out to that.Never will the devil send someone to the world to preach repentance,righteousness,to rebuke immorality and deception and to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah,remember Jesus said a kingdom divided shall fall.Pray for the holy spirit to help you discern.Dr Owuor is a true prophet.According to 2 thessalonians 2;11 GOD sends a great delusion to those who have rejected the truthand delighted in wickedness

  • claire

    Come on guys!

    We’re AUSTRALIAN! He came to AUSTRALIA and he spoke to us.

    Delivered a word on judgement (yes the BIBLE clearly says we are to judge one another with righteous judgements) …

    put simply : when a parent spanks it’s child, the kid HATES it!

    Maybe this particular group of Tassy’s still have their nappies on or something?

    Stop whinging and whining about a man who is DOING SOMETHING GOOD! he is motivating the body to GET CLEAN and RIGHTEOUS!

    SO what if a TIDAL wave comes? Let’s get motivated to clean up our acts (hey our nations church needs to don’t we think?).

    So what if he hurt our feelings? BOO HOO!

    Last time i read my BIBLE, it says GOD CORRECTS THOSE WHOM HE loves….

    Why shoot a man down for speaking the truth?

    Grace, grace grace, that’s all I hear in the church of Australia, namby pamby feel good messages, while in my part of town, leaders in the church are committing fornication like it’s an art form! ( hey I’m not saying I haven’t done the same, it’s just a tad hypocritical to lead worship of a sunday and spend your weekdays hooked on porn. -just an example of THE TRUTH )….

    Man! this country (Tasmania included) needs a tidal wave! The garbage that goes on here is deep and entrenched and Grace (whilst a powerful force) is being abused. Didn’t Christ say that if we go on sinning after knowing the TRUTH, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sin?

    I find it rich that a bunch of Tassy christians got together in an almost parliamentary fashion to justify their FEAR by using quantitative analysis to justify their floundering pathetic needs to shoot the man down who delivered God’s message ( and yes it was GOD< cause satan would never try to warn us Aussies to get PURE or we will have to reap the consquences of SIN!) ….instead you guys chose to shoot him down on the premise that the guy never set foot in TASSY??

    For starters he's KENYAN ( yeah they look up to western culture and think Aussies are great) so why would he know that you guys think you are a nation unto yourselves? Come on the guy did come and see you, he came to the Gold Coast (another region in AUSTRALIA much like Hobart, i hate to remind you but Tasmania is a state). Also too, the message he preached was to the east coast of Australia, he also spoke about Sydney and the surrounding areas of Brisbane too, oops I guess he should have chased them all around to be 'qualified' as a prophet.

    Come on guys, let us take messages and ministers(oh and by the way he considers himself as a minister not a prophet, people have called him that cause of the things he speaks of turn out to come true…hmmmm, sounds like he is either from the LORD or beezelbub is trying to work for JESUS????)…..

    well I could say "grow a brain " you lot, but that's not nice. I think truthfully you had a big meeting about NOTHING and you guys inspired me to whack your little Tassy nappies cause Mr Owuor seems to deliver alot of meat and those fed on grace only consume the milky stuff.

    LOL….you guys made me laugh….

    • but he speeks many false prophecies……so you say lying is okay as long as people join the church!

  • peter mwai

    In the beginning of the year i had so many doubts about prophet Owuor as a true prophet. I began a research about him targeting his teachings, healings and the prophesies. I realized there are some prophesies that have not happened even to date. To my surprise i learnt that we should rejoice when such a thing happens. God gives this prophesies to the prophet as a sign of judgment to the land therefore being a warning. If people repent, then judgment is delayed or withdrawn. If one say that they are not true, the big question is, “where does he get the prophesies that are fulfilled?” for example “Unrest Coming To Israel “. He gives clear description of this prediction as it come to happen. Such information can only come from supernatural power.

    When i looked at the healing cases , i learn that that no one complained that the healed people we faking their illness as has been the usual case of the most false preachers. I was stunned later to learn witness wounds instantly drying up of someone with leaprosy. The challenge is, can one pretend to be having wounds? So the conclusion is that there is some superhuman powers with this man(allow me to call him so). those enomous powers can either come from God or from Satan.

    looking at the teachings, i began from the calling. He was a lecturer in USA. much more from this link. http://www.facebook.com/Prophet.Dr.Owuor/info . In the website that he uses, there are mighty teachings about living in holiness in preparation of Jesus second coming. logically, i really doubt whether Satan can give someone power then he goes forward and teache people great secrets of entry to kingdom of God. We can also put it, ‘Making people run away from Satan’. We are aware of those ‘servants of God’ who use Satanic powers use it for the groly of Satan by preaching earthly gospel. Listen to any of Dr Owuor teachings, he will always say “repent and prepare the way”: which way? living in holiness. Try and embrace his teachings and see that you will hate sin and have the fear of the Lord loving the Kingdom of God. These are his fruits are in accordance to the ones in Mathew 7:15.

    The reason why many people are against him, especially high rank priests who know the truth, is the fact that his message which is direct from God itches and stings. On his calling, God told him to go to nations and tell the churches to stop preaching the gospel of prosperity and go back to repentance and holiness. False preachers afrer being rebuked and they din’t want to stop preaching a gospel that brought large flocks to their feet with money. They rejected him as one from God as they did to Jesus by calling him false prophet. This have made many to percieve him as a false prophet because someone somewhere wants to get more money by attracting people to church.

    After learnig so, now i follow up closely on the events. I was blessed to attend a revival meeting eve and begining of September in Kakamega Kenya where more than fifty people were healed. It is only one serving God that can teach secrets of getting to Heaven. Even if up to this juncture you are not convined, i would advice you to go through the teachings and look at them closely with prayers and maybe fasting. You will see the same gospel that Jesus taught. Lets not forget that Jeus is coming soon. Prepare with repentance, righteousness and holiness. God bless you all.

    • sigh but he claims that he propechies where fullfilled when they have not, yeah sign of a true prophet indeed…..and “, can one pretend to be having wounds?” YES they lied dr.owuor paid them money, is that not a reasonable anwser?

      • oh and in the bible it also says that a prophet must be 100% accurate, so 80% correctness would have gotten him 100% stone ….. sorry

    • wiggles

      he said a tsunami will come from northern Australia and destroy new Zealand …and claimed an earthquake in southern new Zealand was the fullfillemnt of prophecy FAIL

      • MrBob

        To the confused born-aain Christians who are able to read this, the Prophet of the Lord is a conveyance medium of the Lord to the Church, just like the microphone and its User is to the listeners. Listen to him and you will not be left behind. To reject him is to reject the one who sent him to us. Only the spirit will be able to reveal to you how serious the matter at hand is.

        Fellow Christian.

        • Peter

          This is a a highly doubtful claim. Jesus came so all from greatest to smallest could know the Lord, he gave us the Holy Spirit so all could know him and be led into all truth. We don’t need ‘old testament like prophets’ anymore which is what Dr O is basically claiming to be by the tone of his ministry and dire warnings wherever he goes.. it is in direct contravention of the whole purpose of why Jesus sent us the Holy Spirit. There is way to much focus on man and a religious/legalistic form of ‘repentance’ and not enough focus on Jesus

    • MrBob

      Hi peter, I know it can be frustrating and sorrowful that the true message will impact the universe irreversibly is still ‘unconvincing’ to a few people here and there. Be encouraged in preparing because it is not an accident.

      1.) 1 Corinthians 2:14″The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.”
      2.) Celebrate because many others are believing and many sinners are coming to Christ through the same message, and many Muslims are entering the eternal kingdom through the same message in Kenya and all around the world!
      3.) It in not surprising because it is predominantly those who claim to be Christians who stubbornly refute repentance and holiness, for it is prophesied in Revelation 9:21 “And they did not repent …” and also in the parable of the 2 types of virgins. Let us keep praying for spiritual understanding.
      4.) Stay encouraged because nothing , nothing can stop this revival . It will be preached until the rapture has happened. After all, narrow is the way that leads to eternal life, an few people will be able to walk it.

      Fellow Christian

      • MrBob

        oh, and remember Jesus healed the sick too , in public,but the Priesthood still never believed Him to be the real Messiah. They said our Savior used magic ricks and other man-made explanations for the healing. Only the spirit can give understanding.

  • adamo

    Dr Owuor is a true man of god.
    The message delivered by him is quiet the same with the one delivered by old prophets sent before him.
    repentance and holiness. He is preparing the the way of the coming of Jesus as john has done. men of god have always been criticized even in the old days so no surprise if it happened with Dr Owuor. Even if you do not believe him as a prophet accept his message of repentant and living in holiness as it isthe condition to see the father.
    May god bless his servant and continue to work through him. Satan does not like his work and he will use unbelievers to sack his ministries. so continue doing your job but remember that God is more powerful.

  • allan

    Praise the Lord, i am surprised by the nature of arguments here. Love one another read the word and let the Holy Ghost guide you.
    This man Owuor said that the rapture would be before the release of the 4th horse. How comes its not happened yet he acknowledges the pale horse has been released?
    Miracles prove NOTHING of a prophet as a matter of fact. Magicians in Egypt also turned rods to snakes just like Aaron and Moses. Be watchful…watch!!
    God bless you all.

  • Rob


    Just as in Jesus’ times, many of the people who listen to this ‘bitter’ message, including religious leaders, reject the message because they only see the man and neither the message nor the one from whom the message is.In every meeting Dr. Owuor conducts, the power of God is manifested through healings and other extraordinary happenings that follow powerful teachings of righteousness and the holiness of our Lord,meaning that the Lord God Himself still approves of him. He is just but a servant of the one who has sent Him. Remember the parable of the rich King and his unfaithful rebellious servants? What did the king decide to do to them finally?

  • MrBob

    To the confused born-again Christians who are able to read this, the Prophet of the Lord is a conveyance medium of the Lord to the Church, just like the microphone and its User is to the listeners. Listen to him and you will not be left behind. To reject him is to reject the one who sent him to us. Only the spirit will be able to reveal to you how serious the matter at hand is.

    Fellow Christian.

  • What you guys are not talking about is Owuor claims that he spoke with john the baptist, if you know your bible well this is called necromancy a form of witchcraft and punishable by death in the bible…John the baptist died and Owuor claims that he spoke with him..
    Deuteronomy 18:11 Or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead,
    Leviticus 20:27 “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”
    2. Owuor Claims that he had astral projection experience and met with Elijah, John the baptist Daniel and Moses and of course himself then he makes this blatant UN-scriptural lie, he claims that Jesus told him that he was the fourth prophet and there was no other prophets, because now the four prophets were there including him. this is nothing but pride and deception we all know that even Elijah when he thought that he was the only one, he was rebuked and humbled by the Lord that there was many more.Yet I reserve seven thousand in Israel–all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him.”1 Kings 19:18 Please also note that the school of the prophets had many more prophets in that day headed by prophet Samuel..
    3.Just because Owuor is preaching repentance and doing miracles and using the name of Jesus does not validate him.. Jesus warned
    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven Matthew 7:21
    You can use the name of Jesus and still not enter heaven, Matthew 7:22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ JESUS SAYS HERE THAT MANY PREACHERS LIKE OWUOR WILL USE HIS NAME TO CALL RAIN, HEAL THE SICK, EVEN PREACH REPENTANCE BUT HEB WILL TELL THEM I NEVER KNEW YOU… you see even using the Name of Jesus to preach and perform miracles does not make you a servant of God, actually psychics and witches can heal the sick and even perform miracles and fortune tell about the future events…
    the Lord Jesus warns us about the danger of a merely verbal profession. Notice the emphasis on ‘saying,’ on verbalizing a profession of faith. In v. 21, we read, Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord.’ Again, in v. 22, we have, Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord.’ Jesus tells us that our entrance into the kingdom of heaven is not determined by what we are saying to Him now nor by what we will say to Him on the last day. The only kind of person who enters the kingdom of heaven is the person who does what he says. It is the person who does the will of God.
    4. Prophet Owuor Loves to rebuke other prosperity preachers and Money preaching and extravagant living, but he himself he lives in Avery porch area of Nairobi with many security guards and CCTV and many gates manned by armed men, im sure he does not need any angelic protection with all those bodyguards, he lives extravagantly, check out his limousines and Mercedes Benz and the Prado’s and Lexus SUV, he surrounds himself with very wealthy widows, bank managers and very wealthy and powerful people, these guys fund his expensive and extravagant trips, money is collected secretly and not publicly people are threatened that if they talked they will be struck by the wrath of God… and the police escorts and the red carpets, this guy loves power and fame he craves it…. The police band plays for him and all his radio station women call him lord now… they say to him my lord….
    women are forced to cover their heads with garments as signs of submission… i can say many more things because i have meet this guy face to face and i can seriously tell you that he is a necromancer, shaman and a diviner who communicates with the evil spirit who parades himself as john the baptist giving him visions… Jesus warned that the coming of the evil one will be with signs and wonders 2Th 2:9 The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders.
    Miracles and signs do not confirm you are a prophet of God, not even using the name of the Lord Jesus confirms that you are his…
    The only thing that makes you a true disciple of Jesus is servant-hood and humility and loving one another
    By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”John 13:35
    OWUOR must understand that we no-longer need old testament prophets in the new testament, read the role of the prophet in the new testament.
    So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers,Ephesians 4:11
    Ephesians 4:11,
    12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up- this is what he should be doing Equipping the church to do the works of ministry, not enslaving them to his notions and empty visions.For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect–if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time (Matthew 24:24-25).

    But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them–bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping (2 Peter 2:1-3). THE ONLY PROTECTION AGAINST THE LIKES OF OWUOR IS TO BE LIKE THE BEREANS
    Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true (Acts 17:11).

    • Faith



      James …




  • margaret

    who cares what u believe in u people are filled and led by racism what would have happened if it was vice versa you would have proclaimed him as the mighty prophet n anyway its only in your countries that you worship the devil wake up n smell the coffee you are sitting on a time boom

  • Maggie

    Praise our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I am dismayed at the tone of some of the messages in this forum. Some messages are so scathing, while others are downwright insulting. Please, let us desist from this. Let us be humble, and for those that feel inclined to admonish, let them do so in the spirit of love. I am personally not acquainted with Dr David Owuor. I do not even reside in Kenya. Though I had heard of him (in passing) years before, I had never given his ministry a second thought. That was until March, 2013 – after the Repentance Meeting in Nairobi, that was attended by millions, including presidential candidates. The first thing that intrigued me, was the gigantic crowd. I was baffled and wanted to know what had attracted all these people to this man (Dr Owuor). When I went to Youtube, I saw the various news clips showing hundreds of people in Uhuru Park, worshipping the Lord in the wee hours of the morning. I was stunned and humbled. According to the news reporters; millions of people from all over Kenya had left their homes and traveled long distances to Nairobi. Most of them had nowhere to sleep, but the open grounds of Uhuru Park. When I saw these people, something stirred in my heart. It must have been the Holy Spirit, gently nudging me and questioning me, if I would have done the same for the Lord – leave my warm bed and spend three days and nights out in the open, to plead with the Lord, for the sake of my country. Naturally, I was intrigued about the convener of the meeting, Prophet Owuor. I went to Youtube and watched his videos. I was surprised to learn that he has a healing ministry, where thousands have been healed of various diseases – including lepers, cripples, the mute, the dumb, the mentally ill, the blind and those with HIV-AIDS.
    I also watched his teachings on Repentance, Holiness and Righteousness. I loved these teachings. They are a breath of fresh air, and a welcome departure from the messages of “prosperity and promotion” that bombard us on Christian TV and other Christian meeting. Why do I say this?
    There are those who doubt Dr Owuor. It is not in my place to condemn you, or try to persuade you to change your thinking. Afterall, we are all (including Dr Owuor) human beings and in dire need of God’s grace and mercy. However, I have come to realise that Dr Owuor’s message of Repentance, Holiness and Righteousness is very timely and necessary. If we want to enter the Kingdom of God, we need to do away with sin, and walk in Repentance, Holiness and Righteousness every single day of our Christian life. This is a most important urgent matter. Let us not fall prey to the machinations of Satan, who is the Enemy. He is deluding us to value the things of this earth – money, prosperity and a good life. Please, let us make sure that we are of right standing before the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us watch our thoughts, our speech and our deeds.
    Why do I say this?
    For those who have not watched the videos of Angelica Zambrano, PLEASE, make a point of doing so. I thank the Lord for his faithfulness, his mercy and his love. When you watch Angelica’s testimony, then you will realise how crucial it is for us to walk in Repentance, Holiness and Righteousness.
    I hope this post will be of help to someone.
    Praise the LORD!

    • Odongo willis

      your post has rely helped me. thank you and GOD BLESS YOU

  • evans

    @James, I do not claim to know the man up close and personal, but I have t say that most…if not all you have said is grossly inaccurate. A little false statement bundled in whatever amount of truth makes the whole bunch false. It is true that the bible encourages us to test the preachers who come to us, evaluate their message and not accept it blindly. However, you have aggregated information from google which I could very much tell you is filled with lies. I do understand however that it may not have been your intention to smolder the man’s name with mud but rather it is in your attempt to understand the prophet and his message. Look not at the man but at his message. For when all is said and done, he is but a vessel bringing God’s word to us. If Jesus had come today, you would probably have faulted his turning water to wine, or refusal to go back home with his parents when he was young: you’d probably say though young, he was God’s son and knew better. You’d probably have faulted his action to talk to a Samaritan woman looking that Jews considered them unclean and did not interact with them. That is the same light in which He was condemned at his time. Therefore it is important not to judge by his appearance or person, but instead look at his message. Does the devil condemn himself? Does he preach to masses in the sun and in the rain asking for repentance? Remembering Apostle Paul; wouldn’t you not prove him guilty of necromancy for claiming to have seen and heard fro Christ even after his crucifixion? I challenge you in brotherly love to spend more effort analyzing his message. Ask yourself, are miracles the basis of your faith? What about the prophecies yet to be fulfilled? Do you label all such prophets false because the words have yet to pass? What about the writers of the books before the coming of Christ, would you claim they all lied to have been led by the Holy Spirit yet we are told it was only sent down on Pentecost. Think of these things with the supremacy of our Lord in mind. He is capable of things science cannot explain. All is possible if you believe. Therefore listen to the message, meditate on it and you shall be guided by the Holy spirit.

  • Bahati

    Hi, one thing i know a prophet of GOD is 100% perfect.
    His teachings are
    1. Pre-tribulation rapture
    2. Rapture b4 pale horse

  • peter

    He is a false prophet, have you seen him abuse his staff as they are making videos.He does not have the love of Christ in him.Another question is how come none of the healings occur in western countries at random.Why is it only in third world countries , where conveniently corruption is rampant?Keep in mind my fellow christians

    For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 1Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

    2 Corinthians 11:15

    • patrick

      Stop the lie. The man of God has never abused any of His video crew. one thing is true HE REBUKES ALL SHARPLY.
      God forgive you

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  • Guest

    A tsunami will come to our shores, no I am not saying this because of his prophecy as I only found out about it today, now, and the only reason I found this web blog is because I googled this man after reading about him on another site where I was searching for answers to questions that trouble me, again I have no connection whatsoever to this but feel compelled to say that the healing we are to accept in our hearts is to get back to basics so to speak which is do unto others as you would un to you – for those hardcore Christians I belong to no church I am spiritual so you get the idea of what I am trying to say. We have all been blessed in receiving the message it is upto us whether we head it you can only save yourself but empass knowledge to your brother and sisters so they can save themselves, so back to why I say a tsunami is coming, it is because I have seen it I have experienced it, I have always had dreams which recur until I get the message water will come, my grandmother before she passed also predicted it, I was young at the time, I am now 40 and I know that I will be alive when this passes and those that have received the light shall live and those that have not shall die, the time is now to accept and live your life in the light or forever dwel in the dark, again I am aware that many of you will think me crazy those of you who will get my message and those that will just see nothing, every dream I have had of impending tragedy happens why I am unsure again I have always been this way, I have paused because I am thinking why am I even bothering many already think me wired but something I call the light always bugs me to tell as many people as I can so again here I am trying to spread the message of light. The water will cover /devastate many parts of the country and the two locations where I have been placed to experience this tragedy look very much like the east coast from qld down in one I survive with a child whom I do not know and I am torn between saving this child or searching for my loved ones, I save the child why I do not know as I love my family and would rush to there aide first or so I thought, in the other again same situation but different location we survive the first hit we my family and group of strangers but then there is a second wave even taller than the first, we perish. Some of you may wonder why I do not go into detail regarding my dream, it is because the more important message is that of letting in the light into your lives and the rest god will take care of, he will. These dreams happen on repeat same dream no change and as time grows near the increase in appearing again to me with even more information. i had this dream as a child and it did not happen again until 2010 for several nights the second part was a new addition it has left me now and I now work on the light and ensuring myself and my loved ones work on letting the light in so we may be saved. I hope you all let in the light even if you think I am crazy after all if you do my job is done.

    To the administrator – this is genuine but then you decide for your self, my email is a dumby I do not want to get hate mail but the name is real. Very real and so is all the above.

  • michael

    instead of looking at owuor as a person, i look at his doctrine..and yes, its wrong i dont need to go into the details..repentance or not sinning will not give the true righteosness that God commands rather, we clothe ourselves in the righteosness of Jesus..Those who dont understand the law of grace either abuse it or fall into the old law.
    .owour should know that the battle with sin was worn for us at the cross..no national or personal repentance will approve you before God, rather faith in his son jesus and a personalp relationship with him..Yes the truth is that am a christian and i sin daily and will continue to sin and will not “try not to sin on my own effort”.No one who is still in the flesh can be righteous in Gods eyes, whether saved or not..Owuor in his carnal mind thinks that God will be “moved” by our public show of repentance. or somehow prevent some flood or prevent a financial crisis of sorts….If you observe all these its actually based on the health and wealth satanic gospel, its about presevation of your wealth or health.Jesus made it very clear that if you save your life you will loose it and if you loose your life you will gain it.So there is nothing to be worried about disasters and such..you should be worried more about your life after death which is strongly based on your relationship with christ while on earth not on national “repentance” or other forms of public show of your holiness..”so stop repenting which is laying again of the foundation but rather move on to understanding the word and building faith in christ” A hard sermon for those irreversably sunk in owuors
    satanic doctrine

  • dave bradley

    He can not be a true prophet. He is not 100% accurate. Case closed. And, he claims to have gone to heaven, but he still reads from the NIV. The NIV is not God’s Word. No way the Lord Jesus would allow mr. owuor to be a true prophet and yet read from the niv. And yes, the pretrib rapture was not around until 1830. Owuor has said for years that he was told that “time is no more”. Still waiting on that one. Revelation 10:6 tells us when time is over. Wake up.

  • Maggie

    Praise the Lord my fellow brethren!

    Jude: 3 and 4 (New International Version)
    Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints. For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a licence for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord.

    God is Holy. Without Holiness nobody will see God. Let us not delude ourselves. Nobody can fool God. God is Holy.

    Personally, I would rather have a preacher like Dr David Owuor who continuously points out that I am a sinner, than be comfortable where I only hear sweet soothing words.

    My fellow brethren, please wake up!

    Are you aware of what Jesus Christ is saying at this hour?
    Please check out the testimony of Samuel Oghenetega on Youtube. Jesus appeared to this 14yr old boy in June-July 2013 and gave him stern warnings to the church. I’m talking about stern warnings. For those who are offended by Dr Owuor, wait till you hear what Jesus has to say to humanity.

    According to Jesus, if you want to enter the Kingdom of God:
    No jewellery
    No gossip
    No greediness
    No partying
    No fashion – basically fashion is a brainchild of the devil
    No negative words
    No boyfriends/girlfriends
    No compromise on the Word of God
    No diagrams on the Altar of God
    No abortion and premarital sex
    No artificial things on the body- artificial nails, perm etc
    No adultery
    No tattoos
    No watching of horror films, wrestling, boxing
    No divorcee will see the face of God
    No embezzling of public funds
    No secular music
    No watching football, cartoons, playing computer games
    No festivals and carnivals
    No women to put on men’s attire (trousers) and vice versa
    No homosexuality
    No worldliness
    No holding on to grudges – Forgive if anyone offends you
    No witchcraft
    No pride
    Etc etc etc etc

    This testimony is powerful. Please Go to YouTube and watch this testimony if you want to know what will hinder you from entering the Kingdom of God.
    Jesus gave Samuel Oghenetega diagrams of various demons including the diagram of Lucifer. Jesus says He is very angry with all the ministers who prayed Barrack Obama into office. Jesus says that if they do not repent, He will cast them into hell. Jesus says: “Obama fooled everyone that he is a christian. Obama is not a human being. He is a demon.”

    This testimony is powerful.

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ

    • Maggie

      Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

      In addition to the above, Jesus told Samuel Oghenetega that if we want to enter the Kingdom of God:

      No engaging in dances that do not glorify God
      No false prophets
      No false justice
      No drinking of human blood
      No cults
      Watch out for some of these Prophets of the endtimes
      No drawings – basically drawings are inspired by the devil
      NO ISLAM, CATHOLISM, JEHOVAH WITNESSES (Jesus gave Samuel the diagrams of the demons behind Catholicism and Islam)
      Parents to mind the type of friends that their children keep in school, because some of them are demons (camouflaged as children), who are sent to destroy many
      Always pray before embarking on a journey because the demon called Bezebuk (Jesus gave Samuel a diagram of this demon) has been sent to cause accidents and collect human blood
      Let your hearts be free from artificial things – No makeup, No artificial weaves on the head, No jewellery
      Watch out because some of these sweet substances (drinks, chocolates, sweets etc) are contaminated by demons
      No big names and titles (Reverend, Right Reverend, Bishop, Archbishop, Pope etc) Jesus said: “I know them by their names”. Jesus repeated this warning twice.

      Samuel Oghenetega’s testimony is on Youtube.

      Praise the Lord Jesus


  • Bramwel

    1.About ‘failed prophecies’- As Dr. Owour does a prophecy, he gives the way forward on what should be done to avoid the occurence of a bad happening. As such many are the times when i have seen people of God heed the advice by praying in sackclothes and repenting. Such actions prevent the calamities from occuring.
    2. In 2004 when he prophesised about earthquakes in Kenya, they actually happened though the magnitude was minimal due to prayers and repentance. Indeed i remember a lady news anchor making fun on the prophecy only for the studio to shake while she was at it.
    3. In kenya tribalism is rife, however, the servant of God commands mammoth followings wherever he goes. This in itself is a miracle given the fact that attendees travel far and wide using their own funds.
    4. If the man was to ask for offerings as others do, he could be a billionare by now. He simply doesnt.
    5. Somebody has correctly pointed out that he is mean to his followers, that is true. He will not hessitate to tell you off even if you are his biggest supporter if you meander to unholy territories. Thats the opposite of worldy preachers who wouldnt want to cross the path of their important followers.
    6. His message is factual as is written in the Bible.

    • Tony

      oh you mean like that failed prophecy about new zealand getting destroyed by a tsunami? but then he claims an earthquake was its fullfillment? or how about the fact that his prophecies are all VERY VERY VAGUE, he just says a disaster will happen at x place, since its so vague he could just claim about anything to be the fullfillment

    • Peter

      Or the one about a tsunami destroying the East Coast of Australia. and as to Point #1 that is just an easy way out for every failed prophesy. It’s bit like saying their is a monster on the dark side of the moon… then when NASA sends a rover over their to find it and it is not there… that the monster moved around to the light side… an answer for everything.

  • Renci

    Recently he went to Australia and during his meeting with the Australian christians he apologised for being let, he said he fell asleep, huh. And he told the audience that he saw lots of flies which mean Australia is under God’s judgement. What a crap, wrong interpretation. Flies are everywhere not only in Australia

  • Hey Guys,

    I thought the article below, would be important


    Kevin and wife

    Kevin Okwara an entrepreneur and group leaders of Alpha college in Eldorate And proprietor of Noble hotel in the same town can be reached at: kevinokwara@gmail.com

    Sometime in 2006, we took a 3 day fast with a now famous Kenyan prophet. I
    was by then doubling as one of his assistants in ministry and I suggested
    we take a fast and retreat to recharge for the next crusades we had lined
    up. We had been to Eldoret, Kitale, Kakamega, Oyugis and many other towns
    and fatigue was catching up. We were also very drained ?spiritually? so I
    suggested we take a three day fast. We agreed on a venue after consultation
    with close team members and off we drove to The Great Rift Valley Lodge in
    Naivasha ? a very posh place. We booked in at about 5pm in the Hotel. The
    Great Rift Valley Hotel is a collection of many posh houses built by the
    who is who in Kenya as there holiday destination. When the houses are not
    in use they are leased to the hotel for hiring out to guest. The house we
    camped in for 3 days belonged to one wealthy lady (name withheld) in
    Nairobi ? one of the financial pillars of the ministry. We checked into
    this very elegant house, well furnished and the prophet took upon himself
    the task of assigning the rooms. He took the master bedroom ??? and I was
    assigned another room by him. My brief experience with the prophet had
    taught me to always say yes to anything he suggest and never question a
    thing. I therefore got into my room and we agreed to meet at later in the
    night for prayers. We had carried lots of juice courtesy of the owner of
    the house and so we met in the living room at around 8pm and took some
    coffee and juice as we took stock of the many missions we had done
    together. For me it was a privilege to sit so close to a world renown
    prophet. One who has been, not just to the US and UK but to heaven several
    times and one who speaks to God face to face. A man who had prophesied the
    tsunami and many other earth quakes and calamities around the world. What a
    privilege for a simple Kenyan business man like me. The feeling was good
    and I can confess there was great joy in my heart. As we sipped the juice
    and coffee late into the night, we talked about the country, missions,
    politics and about many servants of God in Kenya. I got to know the sheep
    servants and the goat servants. I was informed about the next Kenyan
    president and where Kenya will be in the near future. The conversation went
    late into the night and by 3am we had not even prayed. We therefore said a
    prayer and retired to bed. We spent three nights at the Great Rift Valley
    Lodge but the last night was the most interesting of all. I would therefore
    want to dwell on the details of the this night.

    We met at about 10pm at the living room for our usual fellowship. This
    night was very important because the prophet revealed to me many things and
    especially about himself. I had many questions about his ministry and I
    especially wanted to know why he gave too much emphasis on the message of
    repentance and baptism. I wanted to know how his calling came about and
    about his family and education. After taking juice and coffee late into the
    night the prophet later told me what many Kenyans will never get to know.
    This is Verbatim what Dr Prophet told me:

    [1]. He is the ELIJAH the bible talks about in the book of Malachi 4:5?
    Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, Before the coming of the Great
    and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to
    the children, And the hearts of the Children to their fathers, Lest I come
    and strike the earth with a curse. [2] He is one of the witnesses the bible
    talks about in Rev 11:3 .. And I will give power to my two witnesses, and
    they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in SACK
    CLOTH?These are the two olive trees and the two lamb stands standing
    before the God of the earth? And if anyone wants to harm them, fire
    proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies, and if anyone wants to
    harm them, he must be killed in this manner (vs 6 very important ) These
    have the power to shut heaven so that no rain falls in the days of their
    prophesy and they have power over water to turn them to blood, and to
    strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire.. For those who
    have walked with the prophet will correlate his activities with the above
    verses. This explains why Dr Owour?s message is mainly centred on

    Baptism, ? I have been in many meetings where he has RE-BAPTISED people
    including pastors children. The reason for doing this he says is because
    most of us were baptised in DIRTY waters and with BAAL pastors and that
    that baptisms are not recognised in heaven. Amazingly many pastors have
    fallen victims of this. I personally resisted his baptism and this is one
    reason I fell out of favour with him. Many people have no idea the
    significance of this action (baptism). The prophet believes that once you
    have been baptised by him you will automatically enter heaven. Just like
    John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of the Lord so shall Dr
    Owour (Elijah) prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord.

    Repentance and ( Sack Cloth Phenomenon) The first time this was practised
    was in the Kapsakwony Repentance Crusade. I attended this meeting to only
    to be met by women and men dressed in sack cloths. I don?t know who gave
    the instruction for the people to put on sack cloths because at this time I
    was not in a very good relations with the prophet! The scene was awful and
    disgusting. This was the last crusade I attended. I remember leaving the
    venue before the meeting ended. Old ladies and girls were actually naked.
    The entire meeting was in a morning mood and the people put on sack cloths
    that were see through. You could almost see the inner garments of the
    wailing women. AWFUL.!! Judgment pronunciations (Those who have been close
    to the prophet will attest to this. He loves to pronounce judgement. You
    will have noticed by now that all his prophesies have been about
    -bloodshed, earthquakes, fighting, drought etc. I remember a Bishops wife
    from Kakamega who went into a fast for 40days because the Prophet told her
    that He had shut the Heavens over her life. The lady was afraid and really
    cried to the Lord. Many people have been held hostage over this
    pronunciations. For instance, when I left the Ministry, judgement was
    pronounced over my life. It was said that I will die through a motor
    vehicle accident and even the specific place was given. This was shown to
    the prophet in a vision. ?. I am still alive and I am NOT DYING SOON. He
    believes he is the last prophet to come on earth. Dr Owour believes NO BODY
    TALKS TO GOD DIRECTLY APART FROM HIM. He is the ultimate authority in a
    persons life. The people who work with him, FEAR him to death. They are
    afraid of judgement over their lives. Anything the prophet says is Gospel
    truth. On one occasion he anointed a couple who were preparing for their
    wedding with wine. Yes I said wine. After the couple had married ? they
    were joined by a pastor friend of mine ? they disagreed and fought several
    times and the marriage was going to be dissolved were it not for a sister
    friend who prayed with them. I believe they are now happily married! Now
    back to theology. Many theologians believe that the two witnesses mentioned
    in Rev11 are Elijah and Moses. I therefore asked Him whether the Lord had
    revealed to him where Moses was on earth. He answered to the affirmative,
    meaning that the Lord had already revealed to him that Moses was somewhere
    on earth but they were yet to meet. You can imagine what I was feeling at
    that moment. Sitting next to Elijah the prophet. Even the most mighty of
    preachers have not had the privilege of talking to him (Elijah). I must
    have been blessed!!mmmmmmmm When we were talking over a cup of coffee –
    ?the time about 2am and only me and Elijah in a living room in Naivasha? I
    remembered what the bible says in Rev 11:7 ? 10 and I quote .. ?When they
    finish their testimony, the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit
    will make war against them, overcome them and kill them. And their bodies
    DEAD bodies will lie in the streets of the great city which spiritually is
    called Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified. ???.. And
    those who dwell in the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send
    gifts to one another because this prophets tormented those who dwell on the
    earth.?. I asked him weather he was aware about this verse and weather he
    knew that one day he will die and his body will be in Jerusalem for three
    days. ?.. He told me that he was fully aware of that and he knows that he
    will be killed and the body will surely lie on the streets of Jerusalem.
    Now this is deep. Very deep indeed. I realised that he was silent for
    sometime and I became afraid. Maybe I had asked something I shouldn?t have
    asked. Fear gripped me. I also went silent. Then he told me that he would
    want to tell me something that I should NEVER tell anybody otherwise I WILL
    DIE. This secret is only revealed to his very close confidants and only
    after the Lord has allowed it. ? YES I WILL DIE IN MARCH 19th 2016?. you
    should never tell anybody this date otherwise you will DIE?. If you are
    reading this note you may think that I am out of my mind but all the things
    are writing here are verbatim. It was me and Prophet Owour in Naivasha
    2006. I have since shared this with many pastors who think I am out of my
    mind and will not believe anything I tell them. The most interesting thing
    is that he shared this date with many of his confidants and none of us
    could dare share mention it. We were afraid of the consequences -DEATH. Non
    of us has since died and many have left, yes been delivered from the
    ministry. When you are a follower of the Repent Kenya Ministry you cant
    just leave. The spell is HEAVY. No amount of convincing gets a man out. Its
    the Lord?s MERCY that will deliver you. So how was his calling. I wanted to
    really know how he came to meet the Lord. Long story! The prophet does not
    give you a specific date when he came to the Lord and about his conversion.
    What we dwelt on that night was the divine visitations he kept on having
    when in the US. We talked about his life in Israel, US and Mexico and
    finally the calling to come to Kenya. He told me that after his many
    visitations he tried to seek help from many men of God including T.D Jakes
    and Benny Hinn but non wanted to help. As we discussed Hinn and his
    ministry, the prophet remembered a vision where the LORD took the mantle
    from Hinn and placed it on him (Owour). At this point he told me that Hinn
    will be no more because the Lord has tranfered all the annointing to him.

    Dr Owour has no mentor and no reference from any brother or sister from the
    countries he came from. I have since tried to get any details about him
    from Mexico where he claims that he prophesied the Tsumani but I have not
    recieved a single pastor who has written back saying he has an idea about
    him. All the returned emails say they have no idea about who Dr Owour is.
    Strange! Most of the details about his calling are given in his videos and
    they are a collection of blasphemous statements. Statements that make our
    LORD look like a pale shadow of whi Dr Owour is. Most of the followers are
    under a heavy spell and they cannot see anything wrong with the ministry or
    Owour as a person. I pray that you get the videos and weigh them against
    the word of God and you will realise the extent of blasphemy.!!!

    We discussed some of his divine experiences which I will leave it to you to
    decide the extent of its biblical standing. He told me that there are many
    times HIS SPIRIT WOULD GET OUT OF HIS BODY ? and that he experiences this
    phenomenon several times where he gets out of the body and can see his
    ?dead? body. When this happens he is allowed to see and do many things in
    the spirit. What this means biblically, I leave it to you to decide.

    We broke the fast abruptly after the Lord spoke to him to do so. When he
    woke up the next morning he said to me that the Lord had instructed him to
    go back to Nairobi. Therefore we packed and left by 5pm to the city ? back
    to Riverside estate. We escaped a fatal accident near the Nairobi/Naivasha
    Junction. Thanks to God for his mercy. There are things I would like you to
    note about the fasting and prayer retreat we had with the prophet

    We never ever spent time praying. Never did he share anything in the
    scripture with me apart from the times I asked him very direct questions.
    We only met in the night ? say from 8pm to sometimes 3am in the morning.
    All this time we drunk coffee and juice while talking. We talked about
    missions, government, politics and mainly about men of God. We never spent
    time praying. The only time he prayed for say 1 minute was when we were to
    go to bed and that was about 3am in the morning. Dr Owour spent the entire
    day in his room. At night he would share with me about his divine
    visitations in his room. On one occasion he told me that Angel Gabriel had
    visited. He spent most of the day with the Acrh angel. Other details and
    things that I experienced and saw are too weighty to dare write them here.
    If you don?t believe the above you may never believe any other thing I tell
    you. I hope that this explains much about Owourism. I stand by every word I
    have written. I would like to say that this details are with many men of
    God who fear has gripped their hearts. Dare NOT TOUCH THE LORDS ANNOINTED.
    If I continued in the ministry the following would have happened. Death,
    divorce and bankrupcy. I would have lost my family. I thank the Lord for
    Pastor Mungai, Sister Pauline from Nairobi and many simple men and women
    that the Lord uses mightly and who prayed tirelessly for me and delivered
    me from this ministry. By the way the name REPENT KENYA was my idea. I did
    the first letter head in my office in Eldoret. I suggested the name and the
    prophet was in agreement. The name has since changed to Repentance and
    Holiness ministry. I will later post details on how I was asked to leave my
    wife, the death of a young lady from Kitale in the ministry, How my car
    (Musso) sank in Lake victoria, The Kakamega rain that never was, The
    prophesy and announcement of my death in oyugis by the prophet, and many
    more. For any questions forwrd them to Email: Kevinokwara@gmail.com. You
    are not compelled to agree with all I have said. Let the Lord Himself talk
    to you. I am holding brief for No one. I take responsibility to tell
    Kenyans the truth because I was heavily involved in the ministry. I
    introduced the prophet to Eldoret, Kitale, kakamega, Siaya Busia and many
    more places.

    God will not reprimand you for doing an evaluation of any of His prophets.
    I challenge you to do a check on the following in the Repentance and
    Holiness Ministry

    The foundational believes of the Ministry. Compare with the written word of
    God. Many people who are followers have no idea about the Ministerial
    doctrine. The doctrine is Dr Owour. It depends on his prophecies and it
    changes with time. He can say this today and something else tomorrow 2. How
    comes most of the confidants are divorced or separated. Fred Otieng the
    assistant who carries the prophets bible separated from his wife and he is
    proud about it. When travelling from Kisumu with him, he proudly told me
    that he cannot share his bed with his wife. He is separated and sanctified
    to walk with the prophet. Do you own homework and find out how many
    marriages are broken. A sister came to me for advice ? the prophet had told
    her that the hubby is a free mason and she therefore needs to separate. I
    was advised never to come and pick the prophet in the company of my wife.
    She was called a demon and satanic. I wonder how many of his ardent
    followers know about the doctrine of sanctification that the Owourians
    believe. You need to abstain from having sex with your wife for seven days
    before you minister with him. Heeeeee your wife will run away if you are
    ministering all the Sundays in the year ? wangine in mwezi moja?.. I
    remember a brother was whisked away from the podium in Kapsakwony. When
    asked why I was told that the prophet had discerned something.. the guy had
    not observed the doctrine of sanctification 3. Prophesies that have come

    1 When in oyugis the prophet prophesied that there will soon be two moons.

    2 Kibaki will never see presidency. Who is president today.

    3 Nairobi will be flattened by a massive earthquake. Nairobi is being built
    including the super highway

    4 Kevin will die in a motor accident. In fact he told a congregations of
    pastors in Oyugis that I was dead already. I am alive and not going to the
    grave soon

    5 The work the Lord sent him to do in Kenya is finished. He even told Kenya
    bye on KBC TV. He went briefly and is back to Kenya.

    6 He laid a curse in Eldoret. Kakamega, Kitale. One day we went 11 pastors
    from Eldoret to see him in Nairobi. He kept is waiting for more than five
    hurs only to meet us and read to us Mal 2. Find out what that means

    7 The list is endless.

    What does Owour call the other churches? BAAL CHURCHES. Its only Kings
    Outreach Churches that are Heaven bound Ask me the significant of His
    beared. He says the Lord commanded him to leave the beared until all his
    judgement on Kenya come true. We are waiting How comes the ministry leaves
    broken churches, Christian unions, and homes etc Some people have quit work
    and are fasting waiting for the coming of the Lord. His followers see no
    God in other churches Where does the prophet get his funding. The first
    time he preached ? he was against security. Today there is no man of God
    who is heavily guarded with state security like Owour The kind of life the
    prophet leaves is no ordinary life. He is a spendthrift and a lover of good
    life. I have lived with him and I know The list is endless. Do your

    Kevin and wife

    Kevin Okwara an entrepreneur and group leaders of Alpha college in Eldorate And proprietor of Noble hotel in the same town can be reached at: kevinokwara@gmail.com