Month: January 2011

Q&A: Do you think you’re cool?

Anonymous asks: Do you think you’re cool? My answer:  No, but my kids are.  Perhaps that makes me cool by association. (Ask me anything)

Review: Two books by Tom Frame #2 – Losing My Religion

Losing My Religion is the second Tom Frame book I have read recently.  The title says it all – it’s about “Unbelief in Australia.”   Frame is a bishop in the Anglican Church and the head of a theological institution

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Review: Two books by Tom Frame #1 – A House Divided?

I’ve just read the two most recent books by Australian Anglican author, Bp. Tom Frame of St. Mark’s National Theological Centre in Canberra.  One book is an examination of unbelief in Australia, and conversely the other is an examination of

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Distilling worship

I ended a recent post with these words: “[It is best] to begin with worship and actively work from there, by his grace alone, all the way to the end.”  Which is all well, and good, but what is worship?

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Responsibility and Grace

There are a number of causes that lie behind ministers and pastors burning out, hitting the wall, breaking down, or generally flaming (or shaming) out. Underlying these causes are issues of human frailty, sin, insecurity and depravity. A significant example

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Hope in the Night

I came across Andrew Peterson a little while ago and recently downloaded his album “Counting Stars.”  Peterson is a wordsmith and it shows in his songs.  Their strength is their lyrics.  I have found them to be extremely useful in

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Q&A: What are alternative(s) to the iPad that you would personally approve?

Asked by Anonymous, referencing my article and also asking, “Does this opinion also include the iPod?” I haven’t (yet) looked for Android pad-like devices.  But I might begin somewhere like this: As mentioned in the article my complaint

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Q&A: Miscellanea

Well,  it does say “Ask me anything”! Not all questions will find there way to having a post of their own.  Some, which I think are frivolous or significantly irrelevant or obviously spam etc. will be ignored.  Others will be

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