Month: September 2010

Q&A: I find that people always want more. Even when it comes to death, they want more. It’ s like money – people always want more. They think there should be more. But why? Why after you die people expect there will be more to come after death?

An interesting thought. And thinking about it I can see how some people’s yearning for the afterlife is a variant of materialism. But I generally tend to associate thoughts (or expectations) about the things after this life with the human

Q&A: When you say: “I don’t doubt God’ s existence. when I do doubt, I am not being sensible.” do you mean this as a purely personal position or do you think that anyone, eg atheists or other religions, are not being sensible when they doubt the Christian God

The answer you are quoting from was very much a personal reflection. It also was an answer that highlights the degree of internal lack of logic that that exists within me when I doubt. If there is an other-than-me reflection

Q&A: Have you ever had any doubts about God’s existence? No offense. Some people take that question in offense.

Not offended. Not offended at all. I remember when I was five telling my mother I didn’t believe in God. I’m not sure why. It was probably precociousness. It’s the last time I remember doubting the _existence_ of God. I

Q&A: If you could be either God’ s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?

I have been God’s enemy. Without Jesus I would still be God’s enemy. And I would, of myself, choose to be that still. Thank God for Jesus. He has made me his friend. And now I would be nothing else.

Q&A: Why do we need a “Marriage Act” at all?

Thanks for the question, which I assume derives from an article on my blog ( ). Caveat: These are initial thoughts only. The fundamental question to ask is whether or not we want marriage law to be _passive_ or

Q&A: If you could have and use any super power what would it be?

Flying. That’d be cool. Originally: