Month: August 2010

Q&A: Is ‘ bad’ teaching better than no teaching? (ie is it worth attending the only church in my town even though I know the teaching is not ‘ good’ ?)

From the fact that you have been able to discern that the teaching at your church is not good I suspect that you are reasonably empowered in your spirituality and knowledge of the Bible etc. My gut says that here

Q&A: why won’t you say who you voted for?

Because, unless there’s a significant issue at stake that relates to the mission of God through his church, flying my party-political colours simply gets in the way of doing my job. I do not want the reality, or the perception,

Q&A: Who did you vote for and why?

I voted pragmatically and cynically. I did not vote informally, but I was tempted. I perceived no clear vision for the nation, nor a set of coherent principles underlying the policy base. The personalities tired me. Only one issue had

Q&A: Is it possible to feel like a dead bush on the wasted salt lands but actually be planted by the rivers edge and yielding fruit, Strongly planted?

Ouch. Yes. I think this is the disparity that often exists between emotion and reality. In fact, it is here that faith kicks in. In the words of a song I greatly appreciate at the moment ( ) I

Q&A: Should children and parents be getting involved in social media (eg Twitter, Facebook, blogs) through schools? Some new research suggests schools will be left behind if they don’ t show some leadership on this.

I’m one of those that don’t see social media as a “thing” that it’s made out to be in the popular media. It is just another form of communication, albeit with some interesting characteristics. You might as well ask “Should

Review: Atonement for a Sinless Society

It took me a while to read Atonement for a Sinless Society by Alan Mann.  It’s style is full of ultramergent pomo-babble which normally turns me away and made it tough going for this particular storied-self.  But the title intrigued

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Q&A: Do you see scientific research into the fundamental building block of matter, the origin of the universe, abiogenesis and biological evolution as ” usurping the role of God”

Thankyou for improving my vocabulary. “abiogenesis” 🙂 The answer is “no.” I can’t conceive of enquiry in and of itself being immoral – certainly not inherently immoral. In fact, more the opposite – we are made to be inquisitive and

Q&A: Would you care to comment on this?

For those reading this quickly: The video link is to a story about a mosque being built near “Ground Zero” in New York City. The imam of the mosque is communicating it as a gesture of peace. Others are ambivalent.

Q&A: 1 Peter 3:15 says that you should ” Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” What are your reasons?

Excellent question. I’ll preface the answer with the observation that I did relatively poorly in my oral exam in Evangelism class because I hate non-contextual hypotheticals. 1 Peter 3 assumes that a real person within a real context is talking

Q&A: What’ s your view on dinosaurs? Is there a biblical basis for them (i.e. the reference to ‘ behemoth’ and ‘ leviathan’ in Job)? How do they fit in the Christian world-view?

What’s that Terry Pratchett quote about the obstinate “god” who put pre-fossilised bones in the ground just to confuse archeologists? By dinosaur I’m assuming you mean the big extinct sort. After all, I was just in Cairns, and I bought