Month: August 2010

Q&A: Is ‘ bad’ teaching better than no teaching? (ie is it worth attending the only church in my town even though I know the teaching is not ‘ good’ ?)

From the fact that you have been able to discern that the teaching at your church is not good I suspect that you are reasonably empowered in your spirituality and knowledge of the Bible etc. My gut says that here

Q&A: why won’t you say who you voted for?

Because, unless there’s a significant issue at stake that relates to the mission of God through his church, flying my party-political colours simply gets in the way of doing my job. I do not want the reality, or the perception,

Q&A: Who did you vote for and why?

I voted pragmatically and cynically. I did not vote informally, but I was tempted. I perceived no clear vision for the nation, nor a set of coherent principles underlying the policy base. The personalities tired me. Only one issue had

Q&A: Is it possible to feel like a dead bush on the wasted salt lands but actually be planted by the rivers edge and yielding fruit, Strongly planted?

Ouch. Yes. I think this is the disparity that often exists between emotion and reality. In fact, it is here that faith kicks in. In the words of a song I greatly appreciate at the moment ( ) I

Q&A: Should children and parents be getting involved in social media (eg Twitter, Facebook, blogs) through schools? Some new research suggests schools will be left behind if they don’ t show some leadership on this.

I’m one of those that don’t see social media as a “thing” that it’s made out to be in the popular media. It is just another form of communication, albeit with some interesting characteristics. You might as well ask “Should

Review: Atonement for a Sinless Society

It took me a while to read Atonement for a Sinless Society by Alan Mann.  It’s style is full of ultramergent pomo-babble which normally turns me away and made it tough going for this particular storied-self.  But the title intrigued

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Q&A: How can I be sure that I’ m Christian? I have professed Christian faith for ten years, but used to be a lot more bold & passionate about my faith. I still believe the same things & pray/read Bible daily but I don’ t feel my faith or experience God. I sin 2.

Thanks for the question. It’s taken me a while to get to it partly because it is worth pondering and took some pondering. What is a Christian? The quick answers is from Romans 10:9 – “…if you confess with your

Q&A: Were/are you Tasmania’ s first/only online Pastor? Statistically do you know the Australian numbers for these?

I’m an online pastor? Depends what you mean about “online” – their are plenty who are socially networked (and plenty who were before my time). If you mean Tasmanian pastors that blog: I was probably pretty early in the piece

Q&A: If you had 1 week to live, where would you go/do?

Not sure. Somewhere quiet. With my family. And I would teach my heart out. Originally:

Q&A: Were you mindful of your bucket list on your recent vacation? Did it contribute to or satisfy anything of your list? (by crunchiejen)

I looked for lobster but could not find it. Scuba diving wasn’t on the list but it should have been. Now “become a certified diver” is on the list. Originally: