Month: July 2010

Marriage Anthem

My wife and I recently celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. Which is cool and fantastic. And then today she found this video. It says it all. Perfectly. Absolutely freaking perfectly.

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Complex Martyr Complex

A thought-provoking article from Acts 29 by John Bryson entitled “Learning to be Miserable.” Here’s an excerpt: “Don’t be a whiner, quitter, or baby and quit pouting or being surprised about “how hard” it is to do what you are

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Review: The Rage Against God

Here’s a lesson in “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” My expectation of this book by Peter Hitchens, the Christian brother of prominent atheist polemicist, Christopher Hitchens, was guided by blurbs and dust-cover pieces that could be pronounced by

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Struggles in Christian Leadership

Eye-opening and thought-provoking article at Acts 29 on “Why every leader needs a shepherd”.  An excerpt  here, but read it in full for some challenging statistics. Pastors deal with an array of emotions as a result of ministering to a

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