Month: September 2009

The Hard Side of Ministry

I earlier looked at comments from Mark Driscoll on loneliness in leadership. He has now released the second part of his reflection. This part is mostly advice and it’s pretty decent. I particularly like the following: …Too often leaders do

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Driscoll, Loneliness and Leadership

Others are starting to comment about a recent post by Mark Driscoll entitled “Leadership is Lonely – Part 1.” It is well worth the read. The following dot-points were thought provoking (honesty-provoking perhaps?) For leaders and those who love them

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Review: Pascal’s Wager

Once more satisfying my recent desire to delve into some church history this book by James A. Connor, Pascal’s Wager: The Man Who Played Dice with God, caught my eye because a) Pascal is one of those people that I

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